Repairing a head break with new parts

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Broken guitar headstock
Broken guitar head

Although the materials used in an inexpensive guitar are not always poor quality, it is true that they are usually not well selected.

The joint of the neck and head is the weakest part of the guitar. Especially, if a poor grain mahogany is used for the neck, once it breaks, repair work may be much harder than you think. If it’s a cheap guitar, one doesn’t want to spend too much money to fix it. But, in reality, it’s sometimes totally the opposite. It takes much more time to fix because the head break is complicated by the bad grain. In that case, if you want to save money, the best way is to omit doing cosmetic work.

But, in some cases, some people want their guitar fixed properly because of sentimental value, even though it’s a cheap guitar.

This case is a good example. The head was broken into many pieces. Not only that, there were a few fractures on the neck and the head. Every piece had to be glued together in order one-by-one.

Repairing broken guitar headstock

If the budget is limited, repair work should be stopped at this stage. Cosmetic work can be done some other time. You can omit any repairs that can be done later, but it is not a good idea to cut corners in each process to reduce the cost. In case the damage was repaired temporarily in order to be fixed properly later, you can’t expect any type of proper repair.
If you want to repair it properly, you should not touch the damaged part at all. Save all the separate broken pieces and fix it properly when it’s possible.

Repaired broken guitar headstock with cosmetics

There was a small piece missing on the head plate near the tuner for the first string. A piece of the same type of wood was glued on this section, and all other small pieces were glued in their appropriate place.

After a nice finish was applied, the headstock was decently “reborn”.

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