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Art of Guitar Repair

Featured Projects

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Making a bass endpin for an electric bass guitar

This is not really a showpiece, but just one example of some of the modification ideas that musicians come up with. The owner was originally an upright bass player, so he wanted to play this guitar both as an upright bass and as a regular electric bass. I made a big brass insert and installed...

Image of martin 018
Replacing a damaged guitar top without changing binding

This guitar had many cracks that had been poorly repaired, many new cracks on top, and the top had been sanded very thin and unevenly. It was beyond repair. Some guitars I encounter are in mint condition even though more than 100 years old. It all depends on how the instrument has been treated. In...

image of broken head
Repairing a head break with new parts

Although the materials used in an inexpensive guitar are not always poor quality, it is true that they are usually not well selected. The joint of the neck and head is the weakest part of the guitar. Especially, if a poor grain mahogany is used for the neck, once it breaks, repair work may be...