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I hope that what you see here will convey my passion for this work.  –  Eiichi Ishikawa

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image of F-hole
Restoration of an old archtop guitar

Before repair / after repair This is a 1930s full acoustic archtop guitar. Though it is not a high-end guitar, decent materials were used and the top was hand-carved. When it was brought in to me, however, the neck was very loose, the frets were badly worn, the binding on the back was missing, there...

Neck was broken and the truss sod was bent
Repairing a major neck break

Using brass parts was a 1970s fashion. Usually, a neck break occurs where the neck meets the head. This type of neck break, pictured here, is very rare. The mahogany of the neck was fractured, the ebony fretboard was broken, and the truss rod was bent---a first-class neck break. When you repair a damaged guitar,...