Unique repairs

Art of Guitar Repair

I will introduce you to some challenging and unique repairs I’ve done over the years since I established the Shuriya Guitarcraft guitar repair shop in Vancouver back in 1986. Here you will discover many detailed photos. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.

My mission when doing a repair is to restore the broken part to its original condition. A new instrument should look new again. An old one should look seasoned by use. Just as each piece of wood is different even if it comes from the same tree, so are the challenges of finishing. And because each instrument has had a different environment over years of use, you can understand that it is not always possible to perfectly return a damaged part to its original condition.

You will note that general work (like set-up, or changing nuts, machine heads, or pick-ups) is not shown here, but I do this work too, as a matter of course. There are limits to what a photograph can show you, but I hope that what you see here will convey my passion for this work.

Eiichi Ishikawa