image of Hofner's violin bass guitar
Refinishing with the repair of a worn top, and making a new heel and head plate

Restoration of a Hofner's violin bass, which was made very famous by Paul McCartney, the bassist of the greatest rock band in history, The Beatles. Description of main repair work: - Restoration of the worn-off area - Repairing the cracks - Replacing the head plate - Re-fretting - Re-finishing The owner tried to re-finish this...

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Refinishing and new frets with Gibson-style binding 

This Gibson Les Paul was brought in for re-fretting. The binding on both sides of the fretboard had to be replaced, as the owner asked for a Gibson-style re-fretting. The whole guitar was finished with clear lacquer. The guitar was in relatively good shape, except for worn frets and a few scratches caused by a...

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image of F-hole
Refinishing with a new section on the back of the neck and repairing the F-hole

This is a 1930s full acoustic guitar. Though it is not a high-end guitar, decent materials were used and the top was hand-carved. When it was brought in to me, however, the neck was very loose, the frets were badly worn, the binding on the back was missing, there were many cracks and screw holes...

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image of broken mahogany top
Restoring a mahogany top of classical guitar

Restoring a mahogany top of Guild classical guitar. This whole guitar was built with mahogany, except for the bridge, fretboard, head plate, and braces on the top. To be repaired, all the broken parts had to be glued back together like a jig-saw puzzle. Basically, only two parts were broken, and since there were few...

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