Making a double neck guitar
Making a double-neck guitar from a guitar and bass

The owner wanted to make a double-neck guitar using a midi bass and a Stratocaster model by Peavey. The control unit from the Strat was relocated near the waist of the bass body, and the midi display panel from the bass was relocated on the upper horn of the Stratocaster. I only had to do...

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custom made jack holder
Adding a custom-made jack holder without drilling a hole on guitar

This is an example of one of the most common requests for modification. "I want to install a pick-up, but I don't want to drill any holes in the guitar. And I would like to return it to its original condition when I want to." You can secure an output jack with tape or some...

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The fretless fingerboard
Creating an upright bass-style fingerboard on a jazz bass neck

Converting a fretted bass to fretless is common, but this case is unusual. Usually, the fret slots are filled with wood or resin to do the conversion. But this owner, a former upright bass player, wanted a plain ebony fingerboard with a small radius just like an upright bass. And he also wanted a fingerboard...

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"Upright" Electric Bass guitar
Making a bass endpin for an electric bass guitar

This is not really a showpiece, but just one example of some of the modification ideas that musicians come up with. The owner was originally an upright bass player, so he wanted to play this guitar both as an upright bass and as a regular electric bass. I made a big brass insert and installed...

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