Making a double-neck guitar from a guitar and bass

Electric Guitar | MIDI bass & Stratocaster model by Peavey

The owner wanted to make a double-neck guitar using a midi bass and a Stratocaster model by Peavey. The control unit from the Strat was relocated near the waist of the bass body, and the midi display panel from the bass was relocated on the upper horn of the Stratocaster.
I only had to do a minimal paint job because the thickness of both guitar bodies was almost the same.

A router is a very useful power tool for this kind of work. The actual job of routing doesn’t take long, but it takes considerable time to make a template and preparations. The router is a wonderful tool and makes certain tasks neat and tidy, but at the same time, it takes less than a second to cause serious accidental damage. The instruments I work on are usually one-of-a-kind in the world and are often considered their “baby” by the owner. Because I can’t replace an instrument, mistakes are not allowed. A repair person must be very serious and careful even if only installing one screw.

At the music store, for example, sometimes a salesman will try to help a customer with services such as installing a pick-up or machine head. And sometimes accidents happen. A screw goes through the body. Oops!! A pair of pliers fell on the body, etc. Of course, some of these types of damage are repairable so as to be made invisible, but some of them are impossible to repair perfectly. And sometimes these accidents happen even at the repair shop. And usually, the person who suffers most is the owner of the guitar.

Unfortunately, as I didn’t take pictures at each stage, I cannot provide good photos, so it is hard to understand each step in the process, but I hope you can imagine the difficulties and interesting challenges with this kind of modification.

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