Electric Instruments

image of bass
Making a bass endpin for an electric bass guitar

This is not really a showpiece, but just one example of some of the modification ideas that musicians come up with. The owner was originally an upright bass player, so he wanted to play this guitar both as an upright bass and as a regular electric bass. I made a big brass insert and installed...

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image of electric guitar
Making a double-neck guitar from a guitar and bass

The owner wanted to make a double-neck guitar using a midi bass and a Stratocaster model by Peavey. The control unit from the Strat was relocated near the waist of the bass body, and the midi display panel from the bass was relocated on the upper horn of the Stratocaster. I only had to do...

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image of headstock
Repairing a head break with a new section

This is the ES175, one of the most popular full hollow-body guitars made by Gibson. The part where the neck meets the head is the weakest spot on the whole guitar. When a mahogany neck is broken, many invisible cracks will often occur deep inside the wood. Once such a complicated fracture happens, because it...

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image of electric guitar that has holes on the top
Removing holes on mahogany top

Over its long life, this guitar had various screw holes made on top to install different bridges and tail pieces to improve the intonation and playability. Also, for better lower action, about two millimeters of wood had been removed from under the bridge to recess it. This was the owner's first guitar, his treasure. He...

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image of pickguard
Restoring vintage pickguard

Some vintage guitar pickguards attract bids over $3,000. That may seem insane, but, as a matter of fact, the material used to make old pickguards is different from new ones and the thickness of layers is slightly different. So people who value authentic vintage guitars don't neglect even the humble plastic pickguard. That's why repairing...

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image of broken heel
Adding a new heel with vintage finish

Any repair must be done properly the first time, otherwise, it could cost you more in the end than you expect. Besides, a repair will be much more difficult if it is first fixed poorly, like in this case. Repair specifications: - Make a new heel and install the neck so the repair is not...

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image of broken neck
Repairing a major neck break

Using brass parts was a 1970s fashion. Usually, a neck break occurs where the neck meets the head. This type of neck break, pictured here, is very rare. The mahogany of the neck was fractured, the ebony fretboard was broken, and the truss rod was bent---a first-class neck break. When you repair a damaged guitar,...

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image of Hofner's violin bass
Refinishing with the repair of a worn top, and making a new heel and head plate

Restoration of a Hofner's violin bass, which was made very famous by Paul McCartney, the bassist of the greatest rock band in history, The Beatles. Description of main repair work: - Restoration of the worn-off area - Repairing the cracks - Replacing the head plate - Re-fretting - Re-finishing The owner tried to re-finish this...

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