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  This whole guitar was built with mahogany, except for the bridge, fretboard, head plate, and braces on top. To be repaired, all the broken parts had to be glued back together like a jig-saw puzzle. Basically, only two parts were broken, and since there were few fractures in the wood, it was relatively easy to reconstruct. But it still had to be glued in more than eight places, so the gluing order was critical. If any excess glue is on the next gluing surface, the next piece won’t fit perfectly.

  This time I glued the two separated pieces first. The glued part has to be perfectly level, so you have to be very careful to glue even small parts. The other gluing surface has to be perfectly clean.

  Clamps must be used at gluing spots that need a fair amount of pressure, but tape can be used to hold two pieces together if they require very little pressure.
  After gluing back the separate part on to the top with other cracks, I filled the small gaps and sprayed with clear lacquer. After gluing the bridge back on, the guitar was ready to be played again.


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