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Ben Mink (producer, composer, recording artist)
I was introduced Eiichi while recording KD Lang's "TORCH & TWANG and INGENUE" CDs in Vancouver. Throughout the making of both projects, and to this day, he remains my first choice as a guitar repair /luthier. His meticulousness, intuitive understanding, inventiveness, and musicality make him a world class craftsman. He's also a really nice guy.

Ben Mink website : http://benmink.com

Bryan Adams (recording artist, composer)
Eiichi-san has been taking care of my guitars and basses since 1992, and he is one the very few people that I trust my instruments with. Domo arigato, Eiichi-san.

Bryan Adams website : http://www.bryanadams.com


Keith Scott (recording artist, composer)
As working guitarist/writer/performer with Bryan Adams for the last twenty-five years, I have benefitted greatly from the exceptional repair work from Eiichi Ishikawa.. Be it a Ukulele, Mandolin, or vintage Fender or Gibson or Gretsch, I have experienced the highest quality work and have enjoyed the prompt courteous service... If you want the best results for any musical instrument, I recommend Shuriya Guitarcraft for all your needs. Thank you Mr. Eiichi!

Bob Rock (producer, composer, recording artist)
To me my guitars are like family. To send one to someone to do repair work, you have to have complete faith + trust in the craftsman. I have faithfully been sending my guitars to him for 15yrs and I am in constant awe of his work. Eiichi is a master of guitar restoration.

We've known Eiichi since we moved to Vancouver in '96. Many of our guitars have crossed the desk at Shuriya. Whether it be routine maintenance for studio and live shows, or complete resurrection or guitar disasters (aka broken headstocks), Eiichi is a true craftsman with all of our scenarios.

Nickelback website : http://www.nickelback.com

Rowland Salley (Writer. Bass in Chris Isaak & Silvertone)
Eiichi Ishikawa is one of the finest instrument repairmen and guitar makers I have ever known. I trust him highly with my fragile and vintage acoustic guitars and have been consistently grateful for his approach and ultimate results. Over the years I have also seen some of the work he's done on other instruments both acoustic and electric and this has confirmed my estimation of his intention and capability to address any sort of issue. It is a great, great comfort to know a person of his dimension when your prized wooden instrument needs attention!

Rowland Salley website : http://www.rowlandsalley.com


Ed Henderson (guitarist, producer, composer, arranger)
Eiichi has worked on my instruments since I moved back to Vancouver in 1991.  He has done all sorts of work on them from installing pickups, fine wood repair, new frets, setups and finishing. His work is always immaculate – Eiichi brought my tired, so road weary 1963 Epiphone Texan back to life with some cosmetics around the sound hole, brace repair, new pick guard, tuning pegs and frets and a setup.  It made this great old guitar a joy to play again.  He is a true gentleman who has been a great friend to me and my instruments.  I highly recommend Eiichi and his work.

Bill Henderson (singer, guitarist, producer, composer)
Eiichi has always paid great attention to detail and fine craftsmanship in his work on my guitars.

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